Enhanced NEOX H2O treated lenses protect your eyes
when the sun is its strongest.

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Non Polarized

Our collection of proprietary non-polarized sunglasses
enhances your view when polarization isn’t the right technology.

Golfing / Skiing / Hunting



NEOX TECH is our proprietary non-polarized lens technology. Though our polarized sunglasses are the perfect product when you’re on the flats chasing permit, they are not the best choice for every activity.

When it comes to golf, snow sports, and biking, perfect depth perception and the ability to read fine gradation in texture are critically important. Polarized lenses can reduce your ability to perceive these important yet subtle variations. When you’re reading a tricky sidehill putt to win the match, you need to see the smallest contours of the green. Polarized lenses are not appropriate.

Our NEOX TECH lens is the best choice. It’s also a polycarbonate lens; but it’s available in different, optimized tints. Our unique G22 helps golfers track their ball in flight and more importantly, enhances the smallest undulations of a putting surface. You’ll have the confidence to sink any putt.

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