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Your eyewear choice is just as important as your paddle selection. Parallel sunglasses are the only protective sunglasses with our proprietary NEOX™ TECH lens technology.

NEOX™ TECH polycarbonate lenses enhance contrast, improve acuity, reduce glare and do not diminish depth perception. Our ultra-violet A and B  protection ratings exceeds industry standards. To help keep your sunglasses clear and easy to clean, our lenses include our superior scratch-resistant, oleophobic, and hydrophobic coatings.

Parallel sunglasses are available in a selection of proprietary vision-enhancing lens pigment options perfect for all light conditions.



We’re athletes just like you. We’re also eyewear experts. So we know polarized lenses are not always the best choice for every outdoor activity.  We were early advocates for the use of non-polarized lenses for golf, racquet sports, riding, and skiing, where perfect depth perception and other characteristics of high-quality non-polarized lenses are important.

Our proprietary non-polarized NEOX™ TECH lens give you a performance sunglass like no other on the market. They’re perfect for pickleball. All our NEOX™ TECH lenses meet stringent American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1 impact test standards.

Our unique lens tints help players track the ball in any light conditions.  

Get the Parallel Advantage for your next game.


Green G22

Gray Nx14

Blue Flash


Thin Smoke

Perfectly Clear



With 20-plus years of designing and manufacturing performance sports eyewear under our belts, we’re sure you will appreciate the quality and price-point of Parallel eyewear. We invite you to try our product, and if for any reason you do not like them, return them. No questions asked.

Parallel Frames

Our frames are designed to combine high-quality design and fit with endless comfort, no matter your activity. With each frame design, we focus on key elements to create sunglasses built for performance.

Weight & Strength

Parallel frames are environmentally safe plus they’re the perfect combination of light-weight, maximum strength and flexibility. As a result, we stand behind our lifetime guarantee for every pair of glasses.

Pressure Relief

Our glasses are designed to be worn for multiple hours out in the elements. They’re so comfortable, you don’t even realize you’re wearing them. We also added soft rubber inserts to each of the primary touchpoints to combat unnecessary pressure and sweat buildup.


Both our full-frame and open frame designs are crafted for air circulation, eliminating the build-up of condensation or “fog outs” that can be dangerous.


Based on our extensive experience in the performance eyewear business, we’ve built each pair of Parallel Eyewear sunglasses to fit almost every face. Order a style you like with confidence the fit will be great. If you’re not happy, we will return or exchange your glasses without hassle.

The Parallel Difference

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on every order within the U.S.A. No minimums required.

Patented Lens Technology

The Parallel NEOX lens incorporates our advanced multi-layer coating and a proprietary optical enhancement. Together these features create a performance sunglass like no other.

Lifetime Warranty

We warrant all Parallel sunglasses purchased from the Parallel website against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Conservation Focus

We can’t be passionate outdoor enthusiasts if we don’t have an outdoors, so everyone at Parallel is committed to doing what we can to ensure there will always be an outdoors.