Polarized Lenses Made for the Water

The Parallel Difference

Experience uninterrupted clarity on the water with our advanced lens technology.

Our NEOX H20 lens provide 100% protection from harmful UV and HEV (blue light) rays, protecting your eyes during long days on the water. An oleophobic coating repels skin oils and fish slicks, keeping your view pristine. Hydrophobic coatings make water bead off, ensuring a clear view even in splashing conditions. Our enhanced optical lens system clarifies objects on the horizon and magnifies fish underwater.

Parallel Lens for Any Adventure

Bright Sky and Open Water

Going deep? Blue Flash is best for ocean water and bright blue skies.

Grey Nx14 works in similar conditions to help reduce eye fatigue and strain.

Overcast and Onshore

Brown comes in the clutch for sight fishing and overcast conditions.

Bring our most versatile lens - Grey Nx14 - onshore too.

Dusk and Dawn

Parallel's Brown lens allows for the most light transmission and is best suited for low light conditions.

NEOX H20 Tech

High-quality polarized lenses, with their ability to reduce harsh glare, are an absolutely critical piece of equipment. But not all polarized lenses are created equal. NEOX H20, with our proprietary polycarbonate polarized lenses, is custom manufactured for us in one of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the world. And all Parallel lenses feature special vision enhancing tints that are treated with scratch-resistant coatings to help keep your sunglasses free of water spots and smudges.

Bottom line, Parallel offers lens technology, clarity, superior design elements, and build-quality at half the price of comparable global brands.

Parallel is Battle Tested by the Best

We have tested our products under the most arduous conditions all over the world. Argentine Patagonia, Chile, Belize, Cuba, Mexico, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, and parts unknown. We have a team of guides, outfitters, and professional anglers who have put our products through the toughest of tests and we come out on top each time.